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Sister, Mother, Auntie, Friend, Daughter, Niece, Neighbor... who could you encourage to attend this?

The FIRST Asian Pacific Islander Women’s Leadership Conference
May 3-5, 2012, Los Angeles

Several women felt prompted to join together to make this gathering happen in Southern California. This is an opportunity for women who are leaders (or those who want to lead) in business, ministry, education, non-profit or other areas of interest. It’ll also include men and other advocates who want to encourage the women in their lives as they live out their calling. 

We’re taking a step of faith and getting together to see what dreams may come. Won’t you join us in this adventure? 

Help us spread the word and INVITE people to seize this opportunity to come together to meet like-hearted people with a desire to take this leap of faith. People are coming from all over (besides California, we also have folks coming from London, NYC, DC, Austin, Northern California, the Midwest and more). 

Get more info here! Limited spots may be available, if you wait too long to register! 
Group discounts (5+ or more) must be booked prior to 4/25/12 at 10:00 PM.


Sometimes a woman needs a man who is a brother friend more than she needs a romantic attachment. She needs someone who is strong enough to say to her, “Say baby, the way you acted the other night, that’s not right, or that wasn’t the swiftest thing you could do.” At the same time she needs him to be strong enough to say, “Hey baby that was so brilliant, I am so proud of you, you were wonderful!”
Maya Angelou, poet
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