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Nikki Toyama-Szeto, Melanie Mar Chow and Margaret Yu share the origin of Asian Pacific Islander Women’s Leadership Conference (APIWLC). IMAGE Courtesy of

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGEMENT for women leaders! Our Asian Pacific Islander Women’s Leadership Conference held on May 3-5, 2012 was an exciting and historic moment for API women leaders. We will be reflecting upon all that was shared as a community. We’ll be praying for all the women and men who participated and all who stepped forward in faith as God led them and continues to guide them. Looking forward to welcoming friends and advocates who will continue to journey alongside this community.


EMPOWERMENT - What does “empowering” mean? A nifty buzzword we like to throw around, but few actually understand what it means. To empower means to give power or authority to…So how does one give up or give away power? Even if the one who you’re empowering may be surprised by your efforts? Paul Simon, you set a great example with this moment. (Notice every little gesture and the facial expressions in the video)

NPR reports “Paul Simon and a Moment of Pure Sobbing Joy” -

Paul Simon has brought joy to so many for so long, but on this night he made Rayna Ford’s dream come true. During a show in Toronto on May 7, (2011) Rayna Ford, a fan from Newfoundland, called out for Simon to play “Duncan,” and said something to the effect that she learned to play guitar on the song. In a moment of astonishment and disbelief, Paul Simon invited her on stage, handed her a guitar and asked her to play it for the crowd. When she strapped on the guitar, the audience went crazy. In a few strums, the band played along, tears ran down Rayna Ford’s cheeks and Simon stood by her side in smiles.

(Source: NPR)

-Do YOU have someone who believes in you?
-And your daughter?

SUPPORT FOR WOMEN LEADERS OF THE FUTURE • In preparation for the Asian Pacific Islanders Women’s Leadership Conference (APIWLC), this woman leader shares her motivation to attend and talks about some of her experiences. She also explains how Christian leaders need encouragement from advocates and a support network to press on.

March 3-5, 2012 - Los Angeles  


APIWL Group Registration Deadline :: 4/15

Are you registered yet? Act fast. TODAY is the LAST DAY for GROUP REGISTRATION RATES ($150 per participant for groups of 5 or more). That rate closes this Wed, April 25, 2012 10:00 pm (Pacific Time). Register now with your friends if you want the group rate! You can also register individually for $180. Come meet and make new friends at this gathering!

ACT NOW. Go to

What is Empowerment? What it is not.

Empowering folks to lead includes seeing how our experience together shapes us beyond organizational needs. Iron sharpening iron…yes, indeed. 

EXCERPT FROM Tom Virtue’s “On the road to fruitfulness in its mission, Epic is about… Empowerment & Reproducing Leader”

Empowerment is also not just a matter of giving others a chance to prove themselves or “step up” to the occasion, even though sometimes an opportunity is all some people need.  Being an empowering leader of others is never only about the task at hand – it’s always about the person, and helping them to succeed and grow as a leader.  To develop leaders, we must do more than delegate and “just get out of the way.”

Empowerment means that there is a shared responsibility in dialoguing about what is needed to help a person succeed.  In most cases, it’s not enough to have an open door policy, where we put the burden on others to just “let us know” if they need help.  Yes, when we’re entrusted with responsibility, we need to communicate what we need help in, and take ownership of a situation ourselves.  But when we are the ones empowering others, we must also be willing to go out of our way to discover what will set up people to succeed.

We must always be asking the question: “What is going to help this person (or these people) succeed in what we are asking them to do?”

We’re glad that men and women who serve in Epic have united efforts with other individuals and organizations to help us launch the API Women’s Leadership Conference. Come connect with people of diverse backgrounds and build empowering relationships with one another! Register today and attend the APIWL May 3-5, 2012


Longings of a New Generation of Women

Excerpt from “Gifted for Leadership: The Longings of a New Generation of Women” by Jennie Allen:

In recent times, the Web has been alive with banter about our generation of women and why we feel discontent with women’s ministry. I believe our discontentment comes from a good place, though at times we can be a mess about it. We are a reckless, passionate generation of women, who long to know Jesus and change the world.

For those of you who aren’t sure what all the fuss is about, maybe it would help for you to understand where we’re coming from. This is about more than dissatisfaction with the status quo. Here is what we are longing for… (READ MORE)

Equality for Women and Girls

LEADERSHIP…how is it affected by views of gender and ethnicity?

Excerpt from Kathy Khang on her blog:

This was while I learned in my Korean immigrant experience that as a Korean girl I had to work harder than the boys because no one would want want a stupid, lazy, ugly daughter-in-law who didn’t go to a good college and learn how to peel fruit and serve tea….(SHE CONTINUES TO SHARE…)

Kathy Khang’s experience—later in life as an adult—is also shared in her blog post about equality:

“If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it.” I Cor. 12:26 TNIV

Last week I was grateful to gather at a table of leaders in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship to talk about how leadership is impacted by both gender and ethnicity. These leaders, who all happened to be women, listened and shared about the complexity of growing in leadership being fully present as women of color. I realize that … (READ MORE)

Hear more from Kathy Khang by attending our ASIAN PACIFIC ISLANDER WOMEN’S LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE: “Leadership Over The Long Haul” 

Kathy Khang, Multiethnic Director for InterVarsity’s Great Lakes West region, oversees training and ministry development for staff and students. Ms. Khang co-wrote More Than Serving Tea (IVP, 2006). on faith, gender and ethnic identity. She participated in the L2 Foundation’s Leaders Forum 2004 and The Daniel Project, InterVarsity’s leadership development program for Black, Latino and Asian American staff. Ms. Khang and her family live in the north suburbs of Chicago. Connect with Kathy on her blog and on twitter @mskathykhang

WANTED: Companions to journey forth with me into the wild world to raise…

“There is always the temptation in life to diddle around making itsy-bitsy friends and meals and journeys for years on end. It is all so self conscious, so apparently moral…But I won’t have it. The world is wilder than that in all directions, more dangerous…more extravagant and bright. We are…raising tomatoes when we should be raising Cain, or Lazarus.”

― Annie Dillard

Support of Men for API Women Leaders

We’re fortunate to have ADVOCATES who care about the growth and development of women leaders. Joining us at the Asian Pacific Islanders Women’s Leadership Conference (APIWLC):

 Ken Fong
, joined by other male leaders like Tommy DyoKen KongDJ Chuang, and Billy Vo. We welcome them and other advocates who want to empower API women leaders.


All Christian men and women who want to support a first ever, grassroots movement to launch a nationwide Asian American women’s leadership conference. Our goal is to empower women leaders through a safe, honest and challenging environment for women to grow their voice and to learn from other women leaders.

MAY 3-5, 2012

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